Patty Cassens

I wanted to let you know that I also stopped by our Emeryville location on my way home on Saturday. I parked on the road OUTSIDE of the fenced area. I was very pleased when your officer approached my car before I even had a chance to put away my phone and get out of the car. I heard Officer Heron call in to base that someone was there before he even knew who I was. After all the approvals were made, he allowed me on site to check to see if our crews locked the vehicles. He never left my side. I was very impressed with how he took ownership of our materials and was showing me some things that he was concerned with. I like knowing that he was watching out for us. Officer Heron is a great member of your team and I am grateful to have met him. Let me complement your company and staff for a great job.

Patty CassensIntren, Inc.