The Highest Level of Security Through Motivation and Training

Security Guards on Location

Overton SecurityOverton Security will provide your facility with professional, well trained, equipped and uniformed security guards during times you designate.  Each security guard is issued a uniform wardrobe and equipment consistent with the post site requirements.

Overton Security provides our Security Guards with the right tools, the latest technology and the essential training required to service all your security needs.


For every job there is an appropriate tool, and a site where each tool is designed to be used.  We provide the proper equipment to our officers such as cell phones, radios, duty belts as well as Segways, golf carts and patrol cars as required to enhance their performance.

The proper tools

The Right Tools Make the Difference


Our guard tour technology is the latest available.  We provide NFC enabled cell phones that allow are officers to be monitored in real-time from our communications center or any mobile device.  There is now as-it-happens accountability for all our customers.

Advanced Technology

Latest Guard Tour Technology


Only the most highly motivated, properly trained and directly supervised officers will be posted to your property.  Our officers are trained in the basic security functions as well as trained for the specific needs of the designated posting.

Post Officer Training

It All Starts With Motivation

Before assigning officers to your site, Overton Security will fully understand the security requirements of each property and provide written detailed post orders for reference.  Overton Security officers are trained in conflict resolution, vehicle theft, vandalism, child endangerment, loss prevention and cultural sensitivity. Our security guards are highly visible and are expected to interact with customers, tenants, vendors, as well as work closely with law enforcement.  Having the training, skills and experience to deal effectively with all diverse groups will reduce conflict and greatly improve the security and safety of your property while being visible deterrent for criminal activity.   It will be the responsibility of our security officers to act in a lawful, appropriate and professional manner at all times.

Security Officers Who Understand Your Security & Safety Needs

Security Guard On Location

Overton Security provides the most highly motivated, supervised and trained security guards in the industry.